My name is Alison Tennent, and you'll find my creative content, writing and PodCasting throughout various sites under The Garrulous Glaswegian. I've worked with children at Paradise Kids as a Counsellor (Grief and Loss), and have many years of lived and work experience in Mental Health and Disability. I'm often an advocate for de-stigmatising Mental Health challenges.

I'm an eclectic and passionate writer and PodCaster. Scottish by birth, bloodline and temperament, Australian since 2002 by citizenship ceremony. I live in sub-tropical Queensland, where the weather offers us sunshine one day, cyclones the next.

You can find me at: @GGlaswegian2020 on Twitter

https://thegarrulousglaswegian.medium.com/ on Medium


New PodCasts by the Garrulous Glaswegian, distributed fortnightly on Google PodCasts, Anchor.FM, Spotify, PocketCasts and more.

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