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All About Cheating

Updated: Feb 18

A New PodCast by The Garrulous Glaswegian

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Image Alex Iby on Unsplash, free for commercial use

Cheating is a topic near (though not really dear) to many of our hearts. It's the cause of so much unnecessary pain, heartbreak and relationship breakdowns.

It's never the symptom, it's always the cause. You always have a choice. If you're having relationship issues, discuss them. Don't cheat.

In my second PodCast I discuss how easy it is to identify cheating, how impossible it is for relationships to remain untainted by it, and I give a nod to one of the topics that I feel strongly about too - polyshaggery. Yes, I did invent a word, or at least I think I did, I've never heard it anywhere else!

You'll be able to find the PodCast on six different sites within the next two days:







Everyone is entitled to their opinion, these are just mine of course. I may have been a Counsellor but I'm not your Counsellor, so as I say in the PodCast, this is for entertainment purposes, please don't change your life based on my opinion!

But I would love to know your thoughts on the matter.

I'm not a fan of the standard comment set up here on Wix and have been meaning to try to add Disqus or something similar for comments, but in the meantime, if you add an email address at the bottom of the page, you should be able to comment, if you'd like to.

I'll be working on the video to match the PodCast early next week, and hope to have that published by one week from now.

And remember, I'll listen to yours if you'll listen to mine.

Stay safe out there,

Alison, Queensland, Australia February 2020

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