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New Content - The Cashless Con: The PodCast

A Cashless Society is NOT about hygiene and harms vulnerable people

Image Source Gerd Altmann, Pixabay License: free for commercial use

Please click below to hear my latest PodCast, explaining how a Cashless Society harms vulnerable people and asking you not to believe the story you're being sold about hygiene:

The Garrulous Glaswegian, not backwards at coming forwards. | Podcast on Spotify

I'll upload the video to complement the PodCast over the next few days.

Check out my YouTube Channel here, and don't forget to subscribe :)


And I published a new article yesterday on the secret of breaking or making habits.

I've recently discovered, it's not about willpower and self-control. And this isn't clickbait, I really did find some new information that's helped me!


Thanks for dropping in, stay safe, until the next time fellow travellers.

Wishing you fair winds and a following sea.

Image by Gerhard G. Pixabay, free for commercial use

Alison Tennent, Queensland, Australia, March 2021,

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