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The Blessing Of The Bra

Updated: Aug 5

Here’s To The Bra, Whose Happy Station Assists Me With My Elevation

Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay free from copyright

Every other day it seems

Another Medium writer dreams

Of independence evermore

From underwear she finds a chore

I've combed back through my memories till

My bras I did not easily fill

Less pain it would have caused to free

But still I find I disagree

When long ago, a perkier creature

Whose bosoms were a smaller feature

I still preferred a light restrainment

As jiggling is not entertainment

Indeed in days now well past gone

Should you have chanced to call upon

A giggling teenage younger me

A braless state you'd still not see

The wiggling bounce of any size

Was never something I could prize

Perhaps you don't mind bob and spring

But I prefer mine in a sling

And now as children, time and fate

Have amply added certain weight

I positively don't equate

Great comfort with the braless state

To oscillate of my own choosing

Has never struck me as amusing

Instead I offer thanks sincere

For snuggly wrapping my frontier

All praise to Mary called Caresse

Whose brilliance amply helps me dress

Her engineering I apply

So running do not black my eye

I beg indulgence while I mention

My very favourite invention

I loved thee then, I love thee now

And all your naysayers disavow

Here's to the bra, who's happy station

Assists me with my elevation

And long I hope that you are able

To help to keep my mammaries stable

Author on her wedding day, pic is author's, all rights reserved

Some claim that Covid has freed you of the prison of the bra, I am its willing captor. Long may the undergarment reign.

Alison Tennent, Queensland, Australia, July 2021 Copyright Alison Tennent 2021, all rights reserved. Scottish by birth, upbringing and bloodline, Australian by citizenship. If you’re reading this anywhere but The Garrulous Glaswegian, Vocal+ or Medium, this work may have been plagiarized.

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