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Dear fellow traveller, I'll be releasing a new PodCast "You're Not An Empath" later today, and following that up with a video next week.

As my video library is growing, I decided to write a quick post linking to each of my more recent creations, those complementing the PodCasts. But you'll notice there are more videos on the channel. I'm particularly fond of my creation celebrating my friend's recent marriage, let me know what you think.

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The Cashless Con. Don't be fooled, a cashless society is NOT about hygiene!

The Cracked Vase - TRIGGER WARNING - depression, mental illness, some disturbing images, flashing lights (seizure warning). This is quite a confronting video. Please don't watch it if you are at all concerned with being triggered by mental illness or distressing images. You'll also have to sign in to watch it, as it's age restricted.

Forgiveness - it's not for you to decide for others. Enforced forgiveness causes people further harm.

Cheating - let's stop pretending it's all so complex

All About Sex - for older people. The young might be missing a trick, what do you think?

Thanks again for dropping in, see you soon!

Wishing you fair winds and a following sea

Alison, Queensland Australia, March 2021

Image by jplenio Pixabay, copyright free

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