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The Friction Factor

On Writer’s Indolence and Healthy Habits

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I’ve never experienced writer’s block. When I'm mentally well my mind is crammed full of ideas for articles, chapbooks, and that perpetual novel I might someday complete. When I’m mentally unwell, it’s crammed full of other stuff.

People who know me will be unsurprised at the fact that I have plenty to say. As a child, I was fascinated by the discovery of a cloistered order of Carmelite Nuns. With retrospectively hilarious earnestness I explained to several friends and family members that I was considering joining this nunnery, who live in mostly silent contemplation, upon reaching adulthood. The merry gales of laughter I was greeted with were somewhat disheartening.

But though I'm unashamedly filled to bursting with words and ideas, and though I love to begin projects and have dozens of notions buzzing around inside my cranium on how to improve and complete them, I don’t always want to do the hard work of refining my endeavours.

Not so much writer’s block as writer’s indolence.

Lately, a big focus for me has been improving my mind and bodily health. So much of our mental health is affected by physical behaviours, and vice versa. But those of you who know me know that it’s highly unlike me to write any sort of self-help, life-hack type of article. I worked hard to refine this particular endeavour to make it helpful and comprehensible, so I’d love it if you let me know what you think.

The Friction Factor

However, thanks to Vocal+ challenges I found myself doing just that. So please do take a look at my latest piece, and if you like it, please chuck it a heart.

Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? Have you ever struggled to make a genuinely positive change to your habits and behaviours? You may be surprised to know it's got little to do with active self-control or willpower, and much more to do context cues, rewards and adding or removing friction.

And don’t forget to take a look at my latest video on Forgiveness, and why I consider it abusive to try to force your values for forgiveness on other people.

And coming soon, The PodCast to Complement the article The Cashless Con.

Don't be fooled, a cashless society has nothing to do with hygiene, and everything to do with government control.

Thank you again for dropping by. And until the next time fellow traveller, wishing you, as always, fair winds and a following sea.

Alison Tennent, Queensland Australia, March 2021

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