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Updated: Feb 18

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Many thanks to those already following me on Medium, Twitter, Vocal, YouTube and following my PodCasts.

Those of you who've been playing along at home might also know that I have a new creation, a PodCast! I initially planned to make one new PodCast each week, but it's proving to be pretty time-costly when you include writing the PodCast, recording it (several times until I get better at it!), editing the recording, adding music and sound effects, adding a transcription and making a video. Phew. And all of that is self-taught, though I'm lucky to have two tech-savvy kids in their early twenties who taught me the basics, and most of all taught me that anyone can learn this stuff with the right YouTube How To Tutorial :)

In future PodCasts I will be happy to share how to start making your own videos and PodCasts, step by step, for folk like me, who aren't tech geniuses and aren't teenagers either!

For the moment, I've decided to aim for one PodCast per fortnight, and on the alternate week after each PodCast I'll upload the video and transcript for it. That means you'll still be getting new content each week, as the video is, well, a video.

Exciting times, at least from my perspective, I'm having a ball trying out my new creations on the world. However, all these different sites do make it complicated to keep track of everything.

So, naturally, I opened yet another site, Wix, to keep tabs on all the other sites, a centralised blog where you can reach me and find all my work.

Here's a wee list of all the places to find The Garrulous Glaswegian, sometimes known as Besom and Bletherskite, aka Alison Tennent.

For PodCasts, including Google and Spotify - please drop by and have a wee listen, it's my first ever episode and it's all about sex (what else?!)

My Ko-Fi account - to be advised

Creating content takes time, effort and resources. Any donations by generous souls would be most welcome!


YouTube Videos - I'll be uploading videos and transcriptions of each PodCast, plus other hobby videos of my work from time to time

Some of my writing

Articles recently published in independent publications - two more independent pieces have just been accepted, will link ASAP:

I'm also on Instagram, though I don't use it much.

That might change though, so please do follow me if you enjoy Instagram and we can connect there too.

My book, published a few years ago now, my writing style has matured, but I still think it's worth a read. Lighthearted, true stories from my world travels.

Whatever your taste in media, videos, PodCasts or writing, I have something to offer.

I'm an experienced, eclectic, passionate writer and upcoming video and PodCast creator, covering topics ranging from social issues to mental health, to sex, to humour and even the paranormal.

Please drop by and give me feedback or suggestions. I've got broad shoulders and am always happy to learn from critiques.

Thanks for reading! Welcome aboard the Garrulous Glaswegian multi-media train.

Remember, I'll listen to yours if you'll listen to mine!


Queensland, Australia, Nov 2020

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