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When You Get Married For The Second Time

Updated: Jun 22

If being married didn't matter, nobody would do it (or everybody would)

Image by Pablo Ariel Cañete from Pixabay free from copyright

When you get married for the second time:

  • You cannot believe your luck.

  • You realise the enormity of the commitment you are making.

  • You know how amazingly fortunate you are to have found love in this vast and often harsh world.

  • You will do anything to protect this enriching, joyful union of two fortunate souls.

  • You do not take being loved as a given, as you did when you were younger.

  • You keep touching your partner in delight, reaffirming that this human is for you.

  • You walk around smiling trying out your new circumstances, turning it hither and thither in your mind.

  • You keep remembering you're married and feeling an inner warmth.

  • You keep telling people you got married and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

  • You don't make the same mistakes you did the first time.

  • Your kids are all grown up and can come to your wedding and hug you and take part in the ceremony (if you're as lucky as we were).

  • Your friends aren't just happy for you, they've seen your sadness and how you almost gave up on true love, and are ecstatic for you.

  • You never take love for granted.

  • You know yourself better.

  • You know what you need from love.

  • You know what love really means.

  • Your bed is the altar where you worship one another.

  • You worship one another a lot, if you're lucky!

  • You cannot believe your luck.

We've lived together for a couple of years now. Getting married mattered to us both. I am so glad we did.

Some people may have found all this the first time they got married. If so, I am delighted for you. I wish for everyone that they experience what it is to be truly loved as your true self.

Here's to love. Real love, kind love, caring love, seeing love, unselfish love, generous love, meaningful love, honest love, faithful love, true love, giving love. Luminous, uplifting and lasting - Love.

An homage to my mum & dad's wedding (left) and Mick's mum & dad (right): Images are author's all rights reserved

And here's the beautiful poem we asked the celebrant to read during our ceremony:

"The Gift," Pam Brown

“In you are flowers and firelight, stars and songbirds, the scent of summer, the stillness just before dawn. I love you today, dressed in glory. I will love you always- dancing, singing, reading, making, planning, arguing. I will love you cantankerous, and tired, courageous and in terror, joyful, fearful and triumphant. I will love you through all weathers and all change. For all you are is precious to me. And every day I live with you and share your love is a gift to me.”

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