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You're Not An Empath

Updated: Mar 29

And You're Not Cupid Either

Image by Gordon Johnson, Pixabay, free from copyright

There's a current tendency among woo practitioners to dub themselves "Empaths". But, of course they're not.

Because nobody is.

You're not a dolphin because you can swim. You're not Cupid because you can feel love. And you're not an "Empath" because you feel Empathy. Deanna Troi was a fictional character.

Dubbing yourself Ship's Counsellor might make you feel special, but it's wandering into dangerous territory and can cause issues.

Find out why, in my latest Soapbox Sermon - You're Not An Empath.

Thanks for dropping in, and as always, wishing you fair winds and a following sea.

Alison Tennent, Queensland, Australia, March, 2021

Image by Gordon Johnson, Pixabay, free from copyright

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